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When it comes to saving money, it is safe to say that the vast majority of us wish that we could save a little more. Even with well-planned financial goals, there may not quite be the nest egg that we were hoping to see.

Then again, some of us have not planned properly at all and are just starting to realize the importance in doing so. Given where technology is today, it only makes sense that we turn to an app to help us save money. But which are the best ones? Here are a few that have gotten rave reviews.


Acorns is literally piggy bank investing. It takes your transactions linked to a bank or debit account and rounds them up to the nearest dollar. That change then gets put into your Acorns account, where it is then put into an investment account.

Over time, that money accumulates and is invested based on your portfolio of income and goals. The more transactions you make, the more money gets stashed away. It is a great way to invest even if you are working on a much smaller scale.


Kind of the same idea as Acorns but with a slight twist. Qapital also rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar but moves that money into a savings account instead of investing it. The benefit here is that there is no potential risk for your money, it simply goes into savings.

Even better, Qapital allows for you to set specific goals and name them accordingly. Those who are completely new to financial planning should start here.


If you are looking for a simple way to start saving money, Digit is a great choice. It helps calculate what you can save and then helps you start to set it aside.

Even better, there is a savings bonus every three months. It helps newcomers to financial planning set goals, understand what they can save, and make better financial decisions accordingly. Sometimes simple is better.